Boxer Briefs: 
Each pair of KOY GEAR underwear is carefully made with technical silver fibre fabric engineered by coating polyamide fibres with pure ionized silver. When the coated fibres come into contact with moisture, the silver ions are released, effectively killing bacteria. Silver's antibacterial effects have been put to use for centuries and are still utilized today for water disinfection, surgical masks, wound dressings, and in the engineering of spacesuits. 

KOY Gear has integrated the proven antimicrobial benefits of silver into the sleek design of its underwear effectively producing a product that kills 99% of bacteria and prevents unwanted odours. In addition, our underwear also regulates temperature using the heat conducting nature of silver and strategically placed mesh panels for optimal airflow and breathability. Quality hand-picked modal fibre made from reconstituted cellulose guarantees a truly soft, smooth, and air permeable underwear that is resistant to both shrinkage and fading. Even on the hottest of days, our KOY GEAR underwear will provide supreme comfort. 

Each pair of our underwear features a silver fibre pouch that kills 99% of bacteria and prevents odours, strategically placed mesh panels to maximize breathability, flat-lock stitching for a natural and comfortable fit, premium modal for an extremely soft and smooth feel, and 3D cutting to prevent underwear from riding up the thighs.