How many washes can the antibacterial properties of the underwear sustain?

The silver fibre won't deteriorate after washing because the silver is permanently bonded to the fabric. The antibacterial property of the silver remains active over +245 washes.

If water makes silver dissolve, how does washing the underwear affect the effectiveness of the material/product?

Oxygen or moisture can cause the silver atom on the surface to be oxidized, forming the positively charged silver ion, which then dissolves in water to kill negatively charged bacteria. However, the metallic silver itself is water-insoluble. Washing does cause oxidation within the silver pouch, but since silver is one of the most stable elements, it would take many years for the whole silver fibre component to oxidize. Underwear is not meant to last a lifetime and even if it could, we would still recommend that men replace any given pair of underwear generally every 5-6 months for health purposes. 

How do I wash the silver fibre underwear?

  • Wash in 30-degrees Celsius water 
  • Do not bleach (standard stuff) 
  • After washing, it is ideal to tumble dry 


Why don't you use wool for your socks since it is commonly known to be a material with effective anti-odour properties?

Wool's high absorbency can help reduce odour. However, when choosing materials for our socks, we try to find materials that balance comfort, durability and absorbency. Wool is slightly above average in comfort and great in absorbency, but is very weak in the area of tensile strength (durability), which is why we decided not to use it for our socks. 

How do I wash and care for my Technical Socks?

  • Wash in 30-degrees Celsius water 
  • Do not bleach (standard stuff) 
  • After washing, it is ideal to tumble dry 
  • Do not use Lint Roller (or anything that sticks the fibre) on your socks 


How should I prevent liquid stains from setting into the t-shirt?

If you are hit by liquids, STOP! Your initial reaction may be to dab the mess before it soaks into the fabric. However, our hydro-repellency technology is a little different in how it works than what you may be used to. Here’s what you should do: 

Step 1: Quickly rinse the liquids off with water by slowly pouring water over the affected area. Activating the hydrorepellent properties should allow the water to combine with the liquid and roll off of your shirt.

Step 2 (if step 1 didn’t work): Without applying pressure, use an absorbent towel/cloth to lightly graze the surface and pick up residual liquids.

Step 3: (if neither of step 1 nor step-2 worked): If the liquid has already soaked into the fabric, then you may go ahead and dab the area with an absorbent towel/cloth, however, proceed to wash as soon as possible to prevent the stain from setting in.

How should I wash and care for my Technical T-Shirt (with Hydro-Repellency)?

  • Wash in 30-degrees Celsius water 
  • Do not bleach and do not use softener (standard stuff) 
  • After washing, it is ideal to tumble dry (i.e. use your dryer), but to be eco-friendly, maybe only do this every other or every few washes 
  • To ensure maximum effectiveness of the hydro-repellency, it is recommended to iron when possible (without steam) 







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