The KG Socks (2 Pack)

Ultra-comfortable, anti-odour ankle socks designed to withstand rigorous activity, but perfect for daily wear. We use a premium fabric blend and thoughtful weave to maximize softness and breathability, plus a reinforced toe and heel for added durability. 

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Whether it be an accidental spill, or an intentional spill to show off your shirt, our Technical Tee has got you covered. It remains effective for at least 20 washes and can be further prolonged with proper care.

Silver Ionization 

Our silver compound effectively kills 99.7% of bacteria after 50 washes, which helps prevent odour from building up.


With the KG socks you don’t have compromise. They provide full cushioned comfort and support, with enhanced breathability even through the bottom of the sock.


With the KG Sock, we’ve optimized the use of nylon to reinforce the heel and toe. So a longer lifespan will mean that you’ll be able to love your KG Socks even longer!

technical socks


•Anti-odour - treated with the same advanced silver ionization treatment that our shirts undergo to actively kill bacteria and odour at their source. 

•Comfort and breathability - created with the finest materials and mesh panels on the top for added circulation.

•Extra durability - optimizing the use of nylon helps to reinforce the heel and toe.

•Honeycomb modular padding - provides full cushioned comfort and support, with enhanced breathability even through the bottom of the sock.



German Bayer ultra-fine anti-pilling acrylic, similar to wool but lighter and stronger.



Hyper-absorbing bamboo ultra-fine fibre.



High-quality long staple combed cotton.



It is known to be the most absorbent synthetic fibre and also helps to increase the durability of the sock.



Dupont Lycra lasts longer than the elastic in regular socks.


Care Instructions: 

• Machine Wash

• Do Not Iron 

• Do Not Bleach

• Tumble Dry 

Product Details

•Stretch fit


•Country/Region of Origin: China

How does Silver ionization odourless protection work?

Our silver ionization treatment permanently protects your garment and prevents odour from building up. Silver Chloride is added to the fabric and is the active odour killing agent. Silver Chloride occurs in nature and is commonly used for storing drinking water and for medical appendages. Our chemical treatment partner in Germany also ensures that this silver ion treatment is EPA-certified and that the active ingredient complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 bluesign®

Sweat itself is odourless; however, the combination of moisture and heat creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. When bacteria reacts with the protein found in sweat, odour is created. The silver ion treatment inhibits the growth of odour producing bacteria, effectively protecting your garment from odour build-up.

One gram of our silver ion treatment solution can cover approximately 600,000 cm² in surface area. The increased coverage area can reduce the required resources by approximately 100 times, compared with using metallic silver, while still achieving the same performance. 

 Honeycomb Modular Padding: Cushioned socks have become a popular choice due to the increased level of support and comfort provided as well as the ability to help reduce blistering. However, cushioning often reduces breathability, trapping heat and moisture in. Some socks are (ineffectively) designed with mesh only on top to allow heat to escape. With KG socks you don’t have compromise: have full cushioned comfort and support, while simultaneously receiving enhanced breathability even through the bottom of the sock.

 Anti-Odour/antibacterial (Silver Ionization Treatment): Foot odour is a common problem among men. We’ve researched and tried various different solutions to help control foot odour. Our socks were treated with the same advanced silver ionization treatment that our shirts undergo that actively kills bacteria and odour at their source. Our beta testers put the socks through rigorous testing and for each tester, the KG sock outperformed any other alternative that our beta testers used to combat their foot odours.

Note: The KG Sock can prevent odours by killing new bacteria, but cannot guarantee old shoe odours will be addressed. As long as your shoes have not already absorbed odour, you will be able to enjoy the full benefit of the KG Sock.